Turn passersby into prospects

If you’ve ever invested in a trade show exhibit only to see crowds of attendees pass you by, you know how hard it is to attract attention on a busy show floor. Instead, make it magic!

Business Magic makes those connections for you, working with your team in advance of the show to craft compelling messages and then working at the show to bring more visitors to your booth.

Randy Bernstein performs in spaces ranging from small exhibits, using just three to four feet of space at the front of the booth, to a stage or platform to reach a crowd with theatrical presentations that can run two to three times an hour.


Real Results

Having performed more than 25,000 shows in Chicago and beyond, Randy Bernstein knows how to attract a crowd, engage attendees, and deliver results.

Here’s what Business Magic can do.
  • Dramatically increase sales potential

  • Generate three to five times more leads at trade shows

  • Build stronger relationships with customers

  • Deliver lasting impressions of your core messages

  • Reenergize your sales and marketing team

  • Make team building more fun and more effective

To every presentation, Randy Bernstein brings the “Five E’s” of making a lasting connection with your target audience: