Learn more about how Business Magic is performing virtually


Randy Bernstein knows how to attract a crowd, deliver your message, engage attendees, generate leads and deliver results.

Watch the magic of a customized consumer interaction that grabs attention and builds crowds with unique and engaging infotainment. Randy steers qualified prospects seamlessly to your sales and marketing team so they can work their magic. With each new group of attendees, you capture more leads and maximize your trade show ROI.

Business Magic can:

  • Generate 3-4 times more leads at your booth
  • Dramatically increase sales potential
  • Build stronger relationships with potential customers
  • Deliver lasting impressions of your core messages
  • Reenergize your sales and marketing team
  • Give you a tremendous advantage over your competitors

How we do it:

  • Small booth presentations happen aisle side to capture the flow of traffic
  • A stage show/theater style presentation for large booths
  • A compilation of aisle side and theater style programs that fit your needs

Magic is a powerful tool to engage and entertain an audience.

If you are planning a:

  • Trade show
  • Consumer event program
  • Experimental marketing program
  • Corporate Hospitality program
  • Project management program

Customized magic routines are a powerful way to engage and entertain audiences, enhance your brand message and make it memorable. If you are seeking to improve brand exposure and audience engagement with potential customers, create a successful marketing experience with a medium designed around the value of face-to-face interactions. Trade shows become even more exciting when you master the art of connecting and see what it can do.

To every presentation, Business Magic brings the “Five Elements” of making a lasting connection with your target audience: