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Is your team excited to share your company’s message with customers?

How are you keeping the energy level high on your team while inspiring and empowering your members?

Randy Bernstein, Entertainer, Magician and Educator from Business Magic will leverage his magical skills and quick wit to provide a unique and entertaining program on team building, communication and connecting. During your event, Randy will explain the 5 Elements of Communication to use when delivering a message or speaking at an event.

The 5 Elements are:

  • Engage
  • Entertain
  • Enlighten
  • Exchange
  • Empathy

Randy weaves in personal stories, humor, and magic to help demonstrate how to create a connection, leverage a business card, change an attitude, and much more. This is an interactive, high energy program that can be customized with your company’s message and goals.

Attendees will enhance their presentation skills for audiences big and small. Each person has a certain amount of attention to pay and The Attention Economy has all of us competing for that currency. We all need new, innovative and FUN ways to entice people to pay attention to your message and Randy can show you that the real magic is in the CONNECTION.

Is your association looking for a unique and entertaining program?

Randy offers a foundation on how to better connect with an audience when presenting/speaking. Also, for the attendees learn interactive tools and tricks (ice breaker ideas) to share with their teams at work.  Last but not least, learn, laugh, and have fun!

To every presentation, Business Magic brings the “Five Elements” of making a lasting connection with your target audience: